The Phantom Pooper Strikes Again!

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Now, back to your regularly scheduled post.

My 11-month-old, Coby, puts a lot of stuff in his mouth. I mean, I do vacuum once in a while but thanks to the two older boys, there's always something all over my carpet. Because if there's one thing my dudes are, it's messy (and, all too often, disgusting):

... Okay, Cameron is messy and disgusting.

Seriously though, thanks to their shenanigans, my carpet can be filthy literally moments after I've cleaned it. So I spend approximately 30% of my day fishing around in Coby's mouth to remove whatever little tidbit he's vacuumed up off the floor. Stale crumbs, pieces of cereal, random toy parts, dirt, bugs, it doesn't matter - he's an equal-opportunity eater.

Which is why I wasn't at all surprised this morning to see him munching on a small brownish nugget he'd picked up off the kitchen floor.

But when I pried it from his fingers ...

... it squished.


I froze, as I tend to do in these situations. "Why is there poop in here?" I asked, out loud, to no one in particular. Then repeated, a little more frantically, as if it would get me a divine answer: "Why is there poop in here?!" 

But Coby wasn't talking because his mouth was full of crap. He just looked up at me with this look on his face like, Man, the stuff I usually eat off the floor tastes MUCH better than this.

I figured the little piece of poop was just a teaser ... a clue that a much larger mess was going on somewhere. So after cleaning the baby up, I (grudgingly) set out to investigate. I looked in diapers, toilets, toys, beds, on the bottoms of the dog's feet, you name it ... and found nothing. Absolutely nothing except for that little piece that mysteriously showed up on the kitchen floor. WTF?

Remember the Phantom Pooper?

Looks like he's struck again.


  1. On the bright side not having a bigger mess to clean is like some kind of weird miracle. That never happens!

  2. ummm, thanks, just threw up a little. yikes.

  3. ahhhh, a mystery nugget! don't worry, the rest will turn up eventually, like my bluetooth, well, that isn't really the same, now is it.

  4. OH NO!! That makes my stomach do flip flops and NOT in a happy way.

    I hate this little phase in their lives, 'cause seriously, they are like hoovers and you're right, nothing is safe. If it's on the floor, it's fair game. So gross, soooooo GROSS!!!

  5. We totally have found phatom nuggets on the floor. Usually right before it goes in my 10 month old's mouth too! We can't keep the floor clean enough no matter how many times I vacume and sweep the floor either!!!

  6. did you brush his teeth?? Does he have teeth? OMG. That made me cringe!

  7. You really need to find that phantom pooper and put a cork in him.

  8. UGH! I hope it didn't make him sick! Apparently, even Coby thought it tasted a bit nasty.

    I actually found a phantom nugget myself the other day while dog-and-cat-sitting for Drew & Jack. Not sure who left the gift on the living room floor, but at least it was dry and non-squishy!

  9. OMG this happened to me too the other day!! luckily the kids didn't eat it, but i found ONE nugget just chillin on the floor!! i think one of the kids didn't wipe all the way or must have smuggled a nugget out!

  10. all I can say is boys can be so gross. I never worried about this kind of stuff with my daughter and then we had our huge but very cute tornado.
    and also, the title of this post made me giggle. In HS, we had the "phantom crapper". someone was doing their business all over the bathrooms and the principal would make announcements about catching the Phantom Crapper. lol 22 years later, still have no idea who was doing that. A boy for sure.

  11. Oh no! That's funny! It must be a little piece that squeeked out of the diaper...let's go with that!

  12. UGH! Sounds like the time I went in to wake my baby up from a nap, only to discover he had found "Play Dough" in his diaper!! That was a mess I NEVER want to clean up again!

  13. OMG - that was disgusting and hilarious all at the same time!!!

  14. Gross!!! LOL that makes me think of the poop raisin that Cameron tried eating the time we were up there, what is it with your kids & poo?!?! LOL

  15. You gotta stop making me shoot water out my nose. Disgusting and for some sick reason, makes me laugh! By the way, I hate to tell you this but it doesn't get better. I have pix of mine at 11 covered in mud from playing in the rain filled ditch.


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