Frumpy Favorites

Sometimes for giggles, I like to read through my old blog posts and marvel at the sheer volume of messes I've had to clean see how far I've come since I wrote my first post in March of last year. And in doing so, I come across posts that really do make me laugh. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites today because I'm too lazy to write a real post.  Like ...

... the one where I washed my kid with hemmorhoid pads.

... the one where I was asked the definition of "whore."

... the one where we lied to save a few bucks.

... the one where my son drew me a questionable picture.

... the one where I share my favorite beauty tip.

... the one where Coby was born.

... the one where I got sprayed with feces.

... the one where I had a baby with a celebrity.

... the one where I taught my son a dirty word.

... the one where I found Jesus in my mailbox.

... the one where I found poop in a really disturbing place.

... the one where my husband compared me to a gorilla.

... the one where I accidentally called my husband a fat-ass.

And finally ...

... Ten Truths About Motherhood

Enjoy, y'all!


  1. Girl, these are great! I planned on BRIEFLY looking over some recent blog posts and ended up reading ALL of these! So funny! Now...can you come clean my house, b/c I'm way behind on my "to do" list?! haha

  2. Those were some of the funniest posts I've ever read! Thanks for sharing! I'm currently working on a "best of" page's fun reading through old posts!

  3. I remember the questionable drawing! Now I'm off to check out the definition of whore, you funny lady, you.

  4. I remember reading most of those the first time around! Love them!

  5. Just read the one about lying to get free kid's meals. I see no harm in that. No harm at all. What you did was not lying, it was fibbing and your kids will never know the difference anyway.

    Just trying to make you feel better.

  6. heehee, I remember a lot of these, but the ones that are new to me are JUST as fun! You're so silly, momma!

  7. I love all of these, thank you for making a list. I throughly enjoyed myself!

    As for defining words that I do not want my 4 year old repeating, I to want to tell her the truth and have at times and found myself telling her that it isn't acceptable for anyone to use this word because it is impolite and nice people don't say them or ackknowledge that others say them. Who knows when that will come back to bite me but, I'm pretty sure it will.

    Also, I love that as I read Cake Wrecks today you were the first comment. Props to you for being # 1!

  8. I remember most of these but am going to go back and reread them 'cause I know they'll make me snort coffee!!


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