And the Weiner is ...

I know you're all waiting with bated breath to find out WHO the giveaway winner is, right?


*cricket, cricket*

Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce you to the lucky lady: commentor #9 ...

Glitter Text -

Yay Christin! I'll put you in touch with the lovely Jennifer of jbpaperdesigns and you can choose which superamazinglyawesomerific set of holiday cards you'd like (visit her site, guys - she's got some beautiful things to offer).

Congratulations! And thanks a million, everyone, for making this giveaway a success. :)

I'm putting a poll in the right-hand sidebar regarding giveaways, reviews, etc. Give me your anonymous answer, pretty please! Let's sweeten the pot: if you answer, I'll show you my boobs.

All I'd have to do is untuck them from my pants.

PS - Wanna know how I picked the winner? I used the True Random Number Generator and based it on 19 entries (there were 20 comments, but one didn't want an entry). And here's the screenshot. (The first I've ever taken ... on purpose.)


  1. I know how to take the screen shot, I just don't know how to turn that into a picture on my blog. Duh- sometimes I'm so slow.

  2. Julie - Don't worry, I seriously had to Google it like eight times: first to learn how to do it, then because I kept FORGETTING how to do it.

  3. Yes, jbpaperdesigns has beautiful & unique stuff. I'm jealous of that winner! ;o)

  4. So, you totally would have had 20 comments on that post, but I couldn't get my comment to work. I've become an official follower now instead of just your Twitter follower who checks out all your posts.

  5. a huge congrats to her! I think this is a cool idea.

  6. Do you know why I am commenting on this post? Because you announced your winner's name in "sparklee."

    I have got to get me some of that stuff. I am sure that it would change my entire world. :)

  7. Well I hope MCKLinky was everything you wanted it to be. Bahahahaha!

    And I don't say no to the hagglers either. Well, I did today when I was at my mom's getting stuff ready for tomorrow and some lady drove up in a van who spoke zero English and wanted me to sell her a jacket for a dollar. I told her no on that one but gave her a huge pot with a lid that I had marked at $3 (total bargain) for $2.50. My gosh- it's highway robbery!

    And you need to set your blog up so I can reply to comments through your email. There have been so many times I've wanted to say something to you and you have the dreaded "". Pretty please with sugar on top?


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