One Good Thing and a Bunch of Crap

Hrrrrrrnnnhh. Hrrrrnhhhhhh!

Hear that? That's the sound of my brain, straining and grunting and not producing anything ... at ... all.

Damn mental constipation.

So until I can put together a decent post that's truly worthy of all ten of you my brilliant readership, here's a list of things that may or may not be contributing to my overall level of mind-numbing craziness:

- Halloween. We traveled four hours to visit our families so the kids could spend the holiday with their cousins. In the car on the way to the neighborhood where we do our begging trick-or-treating, Colin screamed "My peeeeniiiiiiiis!!!" over and over and over again because his costume was "bothering it" and apparently causing it to "waggle around" (sound familiar?). Never having had one myself, I couldn't sympathize. Especially not when he was having such a fit. But when we got out of the car? Yeah - it was miraculously okay.

- Illness. The day after we arrived at our travel destination, Cameron came down with something that looked frighteningly like the swine flu: fever, cough, rattly chest, stuffy nose, the works. So we spent three hours in the nearest convenient care clinic for a nurse practitioner to tell us that it "probably wasn't" the flu and that Cameron "might" have an ear infection and that he's "probably not" too much of a threat to his six-week-old baby brother. (All this wishy-washiness pissed me off a little - can you tell?) He was prescribed an antibiotic and a nebulizer for breathing treatments. Two days later, he came down with hives - and a visit to the pediatrician revealed that, surprise! Not only did Cameron not have an ear infection, he was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that the quick-care clinic had given him for ... you guessed it ... the ear infection. Lovely.

And now Coby has these little white spots on his tongue. I'm thinking it's thrush. What do you think?

They're just on his tongue, nowhere else. Weird. One more thing to deal with.

- Potty training. Yes, I decided to try it again. WHAT am I THINKING, you guys?!? It's like when the glorious vision of only one child in diapers appears in my mind, I miraculously gloss over the dirty details of getting to that point. And with all this other stuff on my proverbial plate right now? Ugh. I am kicking myself. But potty training isn't the type of thing you can just take lightly. It requires commitment. And unfortunately, my dumb ass committed to it before my brain could say, "Wait! What are you doing? Noooooooo!!!!"


- Comments. I have seriously fallen (hard!) from the "I'm-going-to-respond-to-every-comment" wagon, folks. (*insert sad puppy-dog face here*) That's not to say that I won't still be giving it my best effort, but when I said I would reply to everyone, I grossly underestimated the time that would take. And between wiping butts and noses and cleaning up messes and administering medication and preparing food and doing laundry and ... well, I'm sure I don't have to explain it, as the majority of you are in the same boat. I'm disappointed in myself, but that's the way my cookie seems to be crumbling these days.

Okay. Now you're up to speed on what's going on in Frumpy-land right about now. But I've saved the best for last.

I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be having some awesome GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!!

*jazz hands and general fanfare*

That's right! Just in time for the holidays, the amazingly talented Jennifer of jbpaperdesigns has generously donated a fabulous prize for one lucky winner. So check her out, and I'll post the details of my very first giveaway tomorrow. :)

Now off to clean up some sort of mess. I've got plenty to choose from.


  1. Yup, no doubts whatsoever, thrush. watch your boobies, the next place the white spot will appear

  2. Like giveaways, but like your blog with or without them! You say it like we all think it - only funnier!!

  3. Tracy - no spots so far, but I'm a little bit sore. I'm going to get some gentian violet today and see if that'll clear up his thrush. Yuck.

    Nan - I struggled with the "should I or shouldn't I" question about the giveaways - but in the end, I figured why not? It's fun to be able to tangibly thank someone who enjoys my blog. :) But don't worry ... I'm not gonna be one of those "commercialized" blogs where every other post is a giveaway or a review or something. I've got too many poop stories to tell. ;)

  4. Wait - what? You respond to every comment? Damn woman!

  5. Blegh! Sounds like you've been having a bit of a rough time over there. Looks like thrush to me. Yuck. . . Good luck *gives sympathetic looks and hugs*

  6. Man, it sucks when life gets in the way of blogging. But I don't know what you are complaining about. Its not like you just had a new baby or something. Oh wait you did. :)

  7. You're so funny! I understand the butt wiping! The other day I thanked my husband for having the only butt in the house I don't have to wipe! Watch, now he'll have a stroke and I'll have to add him to my list!

    How old is the one you want to potty train? I am thinking about starting on my 22 month old. Should I reconsider?

  8. Yup thrush, get a gel from the pharmacy asap!...make sure you throw out the kids toothbrush (if they use one) or anything they constantly put in their mouth. Unless it's your boob. That might be awkward.

    I can finally see the light at the end of the toilet training tunnel after about 2 months of poop and pee decorating my house. You can do it!

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by today. I hope to see you around. This is the first comment I'm able to make here on your space as I'm usually viewing from work over my lunch and our network won't allow me to view the inline comments box. Yeah, it sucks. Anyway, as I had my computer up at home at night for the first time in...well...since number two came four months ago, I thought I would say hello out loud instead of just lurking.

    I've had this same vision of one child in diapers for a while now. My daughter is two years, 4 months, etc. old now. She made like she was about the be finished with diapers around her second birthday, but reverted even before her brother was born 8 weeks early. Not sure what happened. I knew to expect reversion, but not for this long. We've tried bribing her with candy and stickers and my building a big girl swing set in the backyard. Nothing's working. Frustrating as hell, but I love her.


  10. Ugh, those white spots look yucky. And yea for critical care nurses who get their degrees on Ebay! Love 'em! (Insert sarcasm)

    I've fallen off the commenting bandwagon too. Life just go so stinkin' busy!

  11. Trenches - No, I don't respond to every comment - that's the issue. Because I just promised everyone like four posts ago that I would start doing that, and I obviously haven't been consistent. But man! I grossly underestimated the time it would take to respond to every single comment! If I could I would, but I have butts and noses to wipe. *sigh*

    Me - Thanks for the sympathy! I've been trying to get some from Curtis (sympathy, I mean) but keep coming up short. ;)

    Jen - That's a PERFECT way to sum it up: life got in the way of blogging. Ironic, really, since it's my life that provides all my blog fodder.

    Surrounded - I'm going to thank Curtis for that! Brilliant! As far as potty training ... Cameron is 21 months old. He keeps showing signs of readiness (like taking off his diaper and saying, "Pee-pee, Mommy!") but then as soon as I start actually trying to potty train him he seems less ready than I thought. It's so frustrating. I just can't wait to NOT have two kids in diapers!

    Alex - I was LOL at your comment about poop and pee decorating your house. My house is decorated the same way ... I've been told I have crappy taste. ;)

    Joshua - My son is doing the same thing! He acts so much like he's ready to be done with the diapers but then sort of reverts, like you said. Soooo frustrating! But they'll get the hang of it before, like, kindergarten. At least.

    Foursons - I know! I couldn't believe this dude was a "medical professional" ... I seriously could have better diagnosed Cameron myself. Now if only I could prescribe medicine!

  12. I'd never heard of Flush before. Besides the toilet. Thanks for opening my eyes to something kinda disturbing. Especially after reading comments and realize that a breast feeding baby can pass it to the boob.


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