Saturday Sing-Along!

In lieu of a "real" post, I'm presenting you with this little gem today. (Hey, I'm busy with the potty training thing: update to come, possibly tomorrow.)

Honestly, if I see that someone has a video on their blog, I usually don't watch it. Just as I don't forward every joke and cartoon that I get in my e-mail. I just don't want to waste anyone's time, ya dig? But I PROMISE that this video - "The Mom Song" - is worth watching. I personally find it hilarious, and I hope you do, too. If you are a mom or HAVE a mom ... which encompasses pretty much everyone ... you'll like this.


  1. I love this! Every mom should have a recording of it that they can just play for the kids at the start of every day! :o)

  2. Wow--can the internet be such a small place after all? I followed your button from That Girl Blogs, which has the same graphic as my button. Then I start reading and see you have a link to the Mom Song, about which I wrote up earlier today and scheduled for posting on Wednesday...what are the odds? You have a great blog! Come take a look at mine sometime! ~Michele


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