A Sticky Situation

My kids were GOOD this morning. I'm talking "waking-up-without-announcing-it-to-the-household-and-playing-quietly-together-in-Colin's-room" good. As I lounged in bed with one ear open, listening to the sweet sound of my boys actually cooperating, I reflected that maybe this was karma's way of making up for yesterday's rocky start. It was so nice to just lay there, without urgent demands being heaped upon me.

And then I smelled ... pancakes or something? WTF?

As much as I hoped that my kids had developed advanced culinary skills and decided to make me breakfast in bed, I knew that was pretty much impossible. And Curtis was still snoring beside me (it's his day off), so I knew it wasn't him. That smell couldn't possibly be pancakes - yet it was still suspiciously maple-y. Like ....

.......ohmigod. Like syrup. That was syrup I smelled, for sure.

I bolted out of bed and into Colin's room, which reeked of Mrs. Butterworth. One sticky four-year-old looked guiltily up at me, and his equally sticky little brother - who didn't know any better - continued to play in the "volcano" they had concocted. It was a piece of foil bent into a funnel shape, sitting on a Frisbee (thank the Lord, or it would have been all over the carpet), dripping with syrup "lava." As was the plastic pitcher to his kitchen playset, which he had poured the syrup into before drizzling it over the foil.

So much for an uneventful morning. Oh well ... it was nice while it lasted.


  1. you know we require photos! you won't get judgment from me, I just posted yesterday about my littles all up in the ice cream at 7am. why don't they ever go for the broccoli?

  2. You know, for ONCE I didn't take any photos! I guess it's because I jumped right out of bed and into the syrupy mess. Just as well, I would have gotten my camera all sticky. :)

  3. When I was 3-4 years old, I tried to make a chocolate milkshake (with only Hershey syrup and a blender mind you) on my 1-day old beige bedroom carpet.

    Needless to say I think that may have been one of the many closest times I was considered to be put up for adoption.

  4. Ohhhh Jenna ... yep, that's definitely grounds for adoption. ;)

  5. at least it was contained in toys and frisbees. Imagine if they had just spread it everywhere! I once thought my children were playing nicely and quietly in my daughter's room - when they were actually in the bathroom emptying all of the little travel shampoos and lotions on everything. It is surprisingly hard to get shampoo off of cabinets - it just smears around.

  6. I learned long ago that when my children are quiet, it is usually not a good thing. Case in point: last week anything beyond 10 minutes of quiet resulted in me finding them in the toliet or destroying my jewelry. Good times!

    Oh, and I see that you live in Iowa! What luck! A group of bloggers and I are planning an event this fall where we feature one blogger from each of the 50 states. You Iowans are hard to come by. If you are at all interested, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you the details. Promises to be fun and drive traffic to your site.

    And I don't lie.


  7. Oh my....and a third one is about to join the mix - you are an amazing mother - I doubt I could handle half the stuff you do!!! And dang pics would have been good!

  8. Oh, those sweet little boys! (Did you taste them? I'll bet they were sweet!) Life is never dull with them around!

  9. Kate and Francesca - thanks for the stories. I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one whose kids take every opportunity to get into something "forbidden!"

    Denni - you're too kind, LOL! But I can't even keep a goldfish alive (I think I'll be blogging about that soon, actually). So it doesn't bode well for child #3.

    Mom - I didn't have to physically taste them ... the smell of syrup was so strong that I could taste it just by mouth-breathing. ;)

  10. I have to say the aluminum foil volcano and maple syrup lava was pretty creative. I like the idea. Sorry you had to clean it up though!

  11. I find maple syrup possibly one of the grossest foods people consume. (I know I'm in a tiny minority here, but I find it incredibly off-putting. My kids didn't know for years that most people put syrup on their pancakes, cuz we just did butter at our house.) Anyway, if I found that my kids had decided it was the plaything of the morning, I'm sure I would have gone through the roof (and had someone else come in as clean up crew--between the sticky gooeyness and the smell, I'm not sure I could have batted clean-up on that particular fun-fest.)


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