You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Oooh! Oooh! Guess what?!?

I've received my very first blog award - from not one, but TWO awesome fellow bloggers! It has taken me a bit to post about it (because I'm slow like that), but I am proud to present ... the Honest Scrap Award! It's for bloggers who show candid honesty within their blogs. (And as much as I talk about poop, fatness, and other unpleasantries, I think "candid honesty" is a decent description of The Frump!)

I'm flattered to have received this award from two lovely ladies, and you can transport yourself to their wonderful blogs simply by clicking on their names: Charisse and Emily. Thank you so much, girls!

The rules dictate that the award recipient is to pass it on - and that those who recieve it should link back to the giver.

Ever the rebel, I'm changing those rules up a little bit: I'm passing the award on, of course - but girls - please, PLEASE don't feel obligated to link back to me unless you genuinely want to. If you don't, I totally won't be offended! I linked back to Charisse's and Emily's blogs because I like them and I think my readers will, too. If I give you this award, it's because I honestly enjoy your blog and think you deserve it - it's not merely to drive extra traffic to my own blog.

That being said, let's get on with my personal list of "Honest Scrap" recipients!

I hereby nominate:

-Jennifer at Sunny Side Up
-Dumb Mom at parenting BY dummies
-Holly Noelle at Domestic Dork
-J-Ko at Perfectly Disheveled
-Shelly at that girl blogs

Thank you all for brightening my days with your hilarious observations of life!


  1. WOOOWOOO!!!! I loooove your blog. You keep me laughing all day. Between tweeting and blogging and now facebook I am addicted to you. But not in a scary creepy stalker-esque kinda way. :-)

  2. Rita! I'm so thrilled to receive the Honest Scrap Award. Thank you. I admire your blog so much that it is flattering to know that you like mine, too!

  3. Congratulations! I think your candid honesty is what keeps people coming back. You have a real talent for looking on the humorous side of life's little - and sometimes big - situations!


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