Don't Have a Cow, Man

Today we took the boys to a special Kids' Day at the library. There were all kinds of fun things for them to do, and it was FREE - so you know I was on it like white on rice. (I love me some free stuff, y'all.)

Even better, the kids were good, which is always a bonus. The only agitating thing about the day was the exchange Colin had at the balloon animal booth, for which we had waited in line like twenty (whiny, impatient) minutes.

Balloon-Animal-Making-Dude: What'll it be, buddy? I can make a butterfly, a giraffe, a dog, a cat, a snail, a flower, or a bunny.

Colin (after mulling this over for, like, thirty seconds): I'll take a praying mantis, please.

B.A.M.D.: Sorry, buddy, but I'm not that good. I can make a butterfly a giraffe a dog a cat a snail a flower or a bunny.

Colin (after another long period of deliberation): I guess I'd like a ladybug.

B.A.M.D. (getting exasperated): I can make abutterflyagiraffeadogacatasnailaflowerorabunny.

Me (witheringly): Just surprise us, please.

Colin ended up with a snail. Which he played with for all of two minutes before Cameron accidentally popped it.


My favorite part of the day, despite the immersion of my feet (and my kids' relatively-new, as-yet-unstained white tennis shoes ... *cringe*) in baby animal urine, was the petting zoo. Because it allowed me to capture adorable moments like Cameron's first experience with a cow.

Donation for hand sanitizing wipes: 25 cents
Food for the petting-zoo animals: $1
Kids' white tennis shoes: $22
Two babies checking each other out, captured on film: priceless.


  1. ahhhh such a cute picture of Cameron & the calf!

  2. Cute picture! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  3. Such a cute pic! There's nothing better than babies.....of any species!

  4. What a precious picture!

    My kids love petting zoos. I'm always convinced that the goat has it out for me and will butt me the second I get down to his level. So I always stand.

  5. What an adorable picture! I love how kids make up their own options, too. Have a great day!

  6. I would like a dune buggy balloon animal please.

  7. That conversation with the balloon guy cracked me up.

    And the last picture is definitely priceless!

  8. Adorable! Just simply adorable.

  9. What a sweet, sweet picture.

    By the way, are you keeping a journal of Colin quotes? I hope so, because they literally make me laugh out loud every time.


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