I've Had Too Much Whine

Seriously. WHAT is with the WHINING? I think every word out of Colin's mouth this morning - and I mean that literally, every-single-effing-word, has been said in the kind of tone that makes me think of abusive ways to use duct tape.

I can halfway understand the need to whine about something frustrating. Can't get your underwear back on straight after you pee? Sure, I can see a whine coming from that. Baby brother sprinkles you with milk from his sippy cup and then laughs? Yeah, that might merit a little complaint. I would be willing to overlook - and not gripe to the world on my blog about - minor, reasonable infractions of the "no-whining" code like those. But it's the stuff that Colin could totally say in a regular tone of voice, yet doesn't, that has me wishing he were equipped with a "mute" button:

"I'm dooooone with my eeeeeeeeeeggs!"
"I need to poooooop!"
"When does 'The Fresh Beat Band' come ooooooooonnnnn?"
"Can I help you water the plaaaaaaants?"

It irritates me to no end. It makes no sense. Those phrases needed to be whined why?

I swear, the kid's going for some kind of award today - like "Most Syllables in the Word 'Mommy'" or "Longest Complaint Without Drawing a Breath." But if I can make it through the day - no no, the next few hours - without donning a pair of heavy-duty earplugs and actually hiding from him, I think it's me who deserves the award.


  1. Is this the 4 year old whining? My 4 year old is going through that stage, too, and when I ask him to stop whining he repeats the same sentence, ONLY YELLING IT! I guess it's the preferred alternative.

  2. Great, this is something I have to look forward to with my 2 year old? Noooooooo!!

    Fun times. ;)

  3. Just so you know....it doesn't get better when they turn 5. I call my son whiny boy when he whines. I can't STAND it.

  4. Nor at 6. My 6 year old whines about EVERYTHING!

  5. haha it doesn't get any easier, wait til they hit the teenage years... it's not just the whining it's the answering back and the supersensitive emotional hissy fits you have to cope with!! :-D

  6. Hang in there Mom!

    You can always try whining right back at him and see what happens.

  7. I thought that didn't happen with boys... Guess I was wrong!

  8. Duct tape - many useful and silencing ways to use duct tape. Duct tape for quiet time. Stealth duct tape. Duct tape black ops. Deniability.

  9. I'd go with the duct tape. Or a glass of actual wine. One glass is okay, right?

  10. I hate whining. My husband is the worst! I wonder if the whining would stop if I punched him in his larynx? (ok, I've apparently had a bad day) I will go now

  11. Your Aunt Judy has a sign in her kitchen (I think it should be the 11th Commandment) that says: "Thou shalt not whine!" So true!


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