We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program ...

I just worked out, and then - winded and with sweat dripping from crevices I won't elaborate on - fixed myself a bowl of strawberries with sugar and cream. LOL @ my complete inability to resist deliciousness. But hey, at least I didn't use the cream to dip those chocolate chip cookies I made last ni ... um, be right back.

*runs away*

I blame at least part of it on my unsettling day. You see, Curtis starts a new (and opposite) work schedule today - and when you throw my usual routine into chaos, it doesn't set well with this order-loving Virgo. For a long time now, I've had my day - and hence, my kids' day - down to a science. Boring, I know, but sometimes a soothingly predictable schedule is the best way to keep my sanity.

Today, though, has been different from the start. Curtis was home until 3 o'clock this afternoon - which was weird, because he's usually been gone for like ten hours (seriously) by that point. I fixed the boys breakfast when they woke up, and then when Curtis woke up an hour later, he made them pizza ... so "lunch" was at like 10:45.

Then there was the naptime conundrum. They usually go down around 12:30 (yeah, their naps are synchronized, 'cause Mommy's solo time is like air, food, and two-ply toilet paper: absolutely necessary for survival). But if I'd adhered to that, it meant they would sleep until Curtis went to work. I didn't want them to miss out on their extra "Daddy time," so they didn't go down until after 2 o'clock - which meant they were cranky and out-of-sorts. And who knows what a later naptime will do to our bedtime schedule?

And supper. OMG. I guess I'm going to have to start making our "big" meal at lunch time when we're all together, rather than in the evenings when it'll be just the boys and me.

I'm sure I'll get it all together eventually ... probably just in time for him to switch back to the opposite schedule next month.


  1. Stopping over from SITS. Those strawberries sound delectable : ) I hope your new routine works itself out : ).

  2. Rita, that is EXACTLY what I ate after my walk yesterday! I feel your pain because I am totally thrown off if my schedule changes and I'm not a Virgo or a mom! Like you said, I'm sure you'll get it figured out soon, but that whole lunch/dinner thing is going to be a challenge!

  3. OMG I totally understand (in fact I'm probably going to have an entry about this later this week). I am ALL about teh schedule - and for the past 8 months it has been just me and the kids so we've got it down. Now we're back living with my husband and everything is all weird. It;s gonna take a while to get my rhythm back.

  4. At least you worked out. I ate 3 smores and then sat in front of my workout video and then didn't work out. And then I ate too many powdered doughnuts to count to make sure I got it all in. =)

  5. One week after I married Alpha Hubby, he went on night shift. Was a really strange way to start a marriage. Then when he went back to day shift, we adapted again. Fifteen years later, nothing bothers me... much. I like schedules, routines and knowing where people are, when they'll eat (maybe not what but def. when!), when they'll be home, etc. Prior to that, as a single parent, a schedule is what kept me from turning into a ... a schedule is what kept me sane. I love schedules as long as there is room for some negotiation for little sparkling changes!

  6. I love my routines too. It makes life much easier!


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