"Stuff I Like" Sunday: PostSecret

I know, I know. This edition of "Stuff I Like" Sunday is unforgivably late. Sunday is nearly over for me, and I'm sure it has already come and gone for some of you. But it's one of those days when I've been endlessly sidetracked (like half an hour ago when I first sat down to write this, and Curtis comes at me all fired up with the out-of-the-blue idea of opening a restaurant. Dude ... WTF?).

Anyway, what I'm liking this Sunday - and for that matter, every single Sunday since I learned of its existence - is a website called PostSecret. (<-- Click there to see it.) The premise behind it is simple: people from all over the world decorate postcards with their anonymous secrets and send them in, and they're posted on the site. The secrets range from hilarious (confessions of embarrassing habits and situations) to heartfelt (unrestrained professions of love or hatred) to downright chilling (like the one a few weeks ago from a person who was burdened with the knowledge of a murder. Whoa).

Here are a couple of examples that I found amusing (both are from PostSecret). Be warned - as with many of the secrets, these are PG-13. ;)

Some of the secrets are jaw-dropping. Some will make you laugh until your sides are sore, some will make you cry and stick with you for days, and many you can identify with yourself (like the one today about picturing famous people taking a crap ... I totally do that). The site is updated with new secrets every Sunday, and I anxiously await each new installment. Now maybe you will too. Happy "Stuff I Like" Sunday, everyone!


  1. I already follow Post Secret and look forward to it every Sunday. I think one of the books will be on my Christmas list this year.

  2. I have followed post secret for a long time, I love it, I am addicted

  3. I've been tempted to post there myself!LOL

  4. Post Secret has always amused me.

    I also like this site:


  5. Good Morning! Stopping by from SITS (though on my other google profile right now)
    Post Secret is one of my favourite sites on the internet... I've been following it almost from the beginning. Have you ever sent in a postcard of your own? I did once, but it never got posted.

    Love your layout & colours here! :)

  6. I read Post Secret every Monday too!

  7. Lindsay and I sent in postcards a few years ago, but I never saw if either got posted. Hmm!

  8. Hi www.greedygirlsguide.com checking in from SITS

    Cute site I love the layout and colors. I've never breastfed so I couldn't help with the other post. But I can laugh at the cute post cards here.

    I'm also giving away a $25 Target Gift Card feel free to stop by and enter to win.

  9. As well as some of your other readers, I too am a fan of the Post Secrets. I truly think that John had an amazing idea that is helping SO many! I am totally interested in visiting one of the live events, but still haven't attended any...

  10. I love PostSecret! I go to that site all the time. Lol.

    And I totally picture celebrities taking a crap too. I thought I was the only one. :P

    Love and miss you guys!


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