Half the Fun is Trying

Whew! I'm tired from all the babymaking I've been doing. *wink wink, nudge nudge* Y'know? Because making the babies is half the fun, right? ... Eh?

Okay, so I'm talking about Internet babymaking ... a.k.a. "wasting valuable time on a website." (Ironically, the fact that I actually am making a baby is precisely why I haven't been doing any *ahem* ... well, you know.) But I came across this time sucker site called Make Me Babies last night, and couldn't stop virtually procreating - I was like a digital Michelle Duggar. I made babies with celebrities, and even - yes - a couple with my actual husband. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to some of my kids.

First, if Curtis and I ever had a little girl (which I'm beginning to think is impossible, given the fact that we're on our THIRD boy), she'd apparently look like this:

Cute enough, but her forehead is more like a "five-head." Maybe I should cut her some bangs to break up that big ol' blank space? Just sayin' ...

Then there's Baby Beckham. Not too shabby. Eat your heart out, Posh.

And then there's my baby with Brad Pitt (whose last name would be Templeton-Pitt since he obviously digs the hyphenation):

(One question, though: why does Baby Templeton-Pitt remind me of Halle Berry's daughter Nahla Aubry?)

Oh yeah - it must be because I'm a (paler, fatter) dead ringer for Halle herself. Right?

...*cricket, cricket*...

Speaking of questionable ... WHY does my child with Jude Law look black ...

... while my child with Rick James looks white?

Let's try it with a different photo of me ...

Yep, still black. Craziness.

And while we're on the subject of craziness: y'know who I make surprisingly cute babies with? Yeah - Marilyn Manson.

His real name is Brian Warner and he's originally from Ohio. So even if he is a freak, his sperm must totally still be all-American, midwestern stock. Hence the Macaulay Culkin lookalike that our little Internet dalliance created.

So what are you all waiting for? Go waste some time make some babies.


  1. My babies are all ugly on that program. Even the one with mega gorgeous man Johnny Depp. Good thing I already know that I make pretty babies. :o)

  2. So funny. Obviously they are looking for certain "features" of faces and not necessarily skin color.

  3. HEY, you are totally prettier than Halle Berry. For real. That is strange how it gave those kids nappy hair from 2 white people. And red hair from Rick James? What's up with that? STRANGE. I liked your baby making today. That was a great way to start my day!

  4. I am going to go to that site right now and waste time!! Love the post!

  5. Totally going to have fun on that site!

  6. Ok, can we say disturbing? Why is Miley Cyrus an option? How old is she? Isn't that like internet statutory rape?

  7. Hi Rita, just started following your blog. Thought I already was but you know what these pregnancy hormones do to us.
    Thanks for keep popping by my blog x
    Your blog is great by the way. Love it.
    Hope you and bump are both well xx

  8. Okay, I'm off to try this now :)

  9. I can't, if I go here, I know I will be totally addicted forever! And I love your child with Beckham, then again, he is rather attractive to begin with

  10. this is fun. I am going to have to get on the baby makin' train here too.

  11. I need to do this sometime. I'm curious on what a baby with John Krasinski would look like..

  12. This is so fun. Can't wait to waste some time on the site. I may have to post some on my own blog. Oh, and I think your baby girl with Curtis is the cutest. But your baby with Rick James is my favorite...not only did the white skin baffle me, but where did the red hair come from? It made me laugh out loud!

  13. I'm addicted to that site. I could play on it all day.

    ...stopping by from SITS...

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


  14. LMAO @ you having a baby with Rick James. Zombie sperm in the house!

  15. This was too funny- black babies with Jude Law, and white baby with Rick James. And it makes us think if your kid with Pitt looks like Halle berry's, and if you look like her, then did she and Pitt...u know? Hmmmm...
    Came to say Happy Birthday to you from SITS.

  16. Hi, stopping by from SITS!

    Too funny! I'll have to go try it and see what my baby would like as a boy. I have girly girls, but a boy would have been nice :)

    I'd love to have you drop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

  17. Hmmm.......so that's where babies come from?!

  18. You TOTALLY need to have a baby with Marilyn Manson! Although your babies with Jude Law are adorable too!!!!!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I love your blog!!!!

  19. Okay Rita, I have to tell you this as a friend: while Jude may be a pretty boy with a super sexy accent.... there is a lack in the whole package. By that, I mean THE package. Seriously.
    Google it. The Superficial tells all!



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